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Aug 22, 2011

Can someone help me, when i reach down to pick up my hen she stands frozen to the spot and sort of raises her wings/shoulders and put her head down, is this some sort of protection stance, she kust stands ridgit, when i move away she carries on as normal- sorry for asking stupid questions:/
So can someone tell me what to look for when a hen is about to lay, should i be looking out for anything in particular
Welcome! Well the sqatting sign that you mentioned lets you know that she's getting close. Now, not all of my birds sing the "egg song" but if you here the bawk bawk baKAWK!!!.....oh boy...there is an egg on the way!
Hi eggmeon,

A couple of other behaviors will be your pullet will investigate good places for egg laying. Sometimes they also (so I hear) act a little grouchy while approaching their first egg. Oh yes...and more vocalizations than usual. squawking and clucking more than they did before.
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haha, a couple of my hens do the same thing sometimes when we approach them. I always interpreted it almost like a child or dog allowing you to pick them up. I guess it makes more sense that it's a submissive-rooster-type reaction. hahaha. i thought it was a sign they love us!

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