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May 3, 2015
Today I out my chick out for first time. 5 weeks old but it's 82 degrees and nighttime temps in upper 50s. Anyway, one red sex link pullet is pretty much spending all of its time in the sand/rock. At first I just thought it was taking a dust bath, but the others aren't doing it. In between long dust baths it has a fair bit of energy drinking and eating. But occasionally it opens its beak - but no noise. Almost looks like she's yawning. Do I need to be concerned?
Hey, im in a similar situation to you... i have a pekin bantam that is doin the silent gape (yawn). Except she seems normal apart from that... i immediately thought gape worm, but iv read their rare in chickens... but a cotton bud in the mouth/throat will tell you if its gapeworm cos there will be blood or a red worm on it... (im gonna test this tomorrow to check) but im currently worming them anyways so if it is hopefully it will pass...

My real concern is that it may be a respiratory problem!! Like a aspergillosis... only she isnt weak or coughin or sneezing... im pretty inexperienced as far as illness goes... so hopefully we will both get some answeres....

I know my post probably hasnt help but just wanted you to know your not alone and maybe we csn support each other??

I made a thread about it earlier but got no replies yet but if i get some i will post onto here to share the info... hope your bird is ok x
Thanks for replying! I'll keep researching! I will check for the gape worm. I haven't wormed mine yet - didn't realize I needed to. I keep thinking its a crop thing b/c I don't know anything else! I'm beginning to wonder if I should have gone down the chicken path! I'm so uneducated!!!!
I wouldnt worry everyone is great on here and give great advice, it possibly cud be a crop thing your guess is as good as mine... i did a ton of reading and research before buying chickens but i think no matter how experienced or knowledgeable your are you will always find little things that supprise you!

Im gutted i found freckle gaping today i thought i was doing an ok job and was proud of myself for how well things were going... i spend so much time with them constantly cleaning and fresh water and fresh food mealworms grit, i even pik up all the poo daily to avoid them eating it!! I have anti peck spray, scaley balm, mite powder, flubenvet, wound powder etc

Now im racked with guilt incase iv missed something or done something wrong... just hope our chickens are ok and if it is something nasty hopefully we have caught it in time for good treatment x
I did an online search. Several people said that if chick is active and no distress it could just be yawning. Apparently chicks do yawn. I'm going to keep looking....
Makes sense i suppose my chick is 14 weeks old now... just concerned as iv never seen her do it before... my other worry is if its something contagious, will my other chickens get it? Ill keep reading too! Ill look on the learning centre in here x

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