Strange chicken behavior? What could it be?


8 Years
May 6, 2011
This hen is a year old RIR bantam. She used to lay eggs but stopped this winter. She went broody and sat in the box all the time for a couple months. We gave her eggs to hatch and she is now off the box but still not laying. She has been going out with the other 3 hens during the day for most of the day. She does go inside and roost during the day also. The other girls do not.
When they are in their coop the other hens peck at her head and are very mean to her. She just takes the abuse. Now I noticed that her feathers are falling out. I don't know about moulting, is this what it is? The other chickens feathers are not falling out like that.
Is she a weirdo or sick or what?
I just got my first chickens last year so I have questions about other things too.
Should I be deworming them?
I also have chicks, 6 week old and 2 week old.
I still have a chick with a sour crop too. I have apple cider vinegar in one of the water bottles. The chicks love it, is it ok for them?

Thank you
I've been raising poultry for 11 yrs and I would recomend to seperate her from the others, feed her canned cat food and dry cat food for 1 week allong with the reg. food. if the hen is sick you can tell by holding her beek closed gentely and smelling her breath, or if she has a gurggle or a weezing or foul smelling breath " lol" no punn intended, or gasping for air then it's a respatory thing, then Tetracycling is your best friend, it's cheep and a good vet will give you a per. sometimes through Walmart or your local drug store. the ACV "viniger" is extraspecial for the birds it keeps the water freash, and yummy. the worming is good if they freerange, you can use Diatamacticious Earth "sorry I can't spell it" it's natural or you can use a poultry \\ swine wormer I use boath on the birbs and the rabbits.

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