Strange Coops?

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  1. wanda047

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    Mar 26, 2009
    Hardy, Arkansas
    What is the strangest thing you have used or renovated to make a chicken coop? I want to hear some ideas and see some photos. I need to build Coop #3 and am on a tight budget.

    My first chicken coop is actually an old shed which my kids used for a playhouse. With a little work, paint, and imagination, it turned into an awesome chicken coop.

    My second coop though was a bit more challenging. It was actually an outhouse!! [​IMG] I needed a coop for my pair of buff silkies. The Outhouse was actually a lot of fun to work with and is now a two story residence with a nice window, lights, and partially insulated. I'm constantly making changes to it to make it more efficient as a chicken house. I'll post a photo as soon as I get home [​IMG]

    So... let me hear and see some of your ideas and creations! [​IMG]
  2. DarkWolf

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    Nov 11, 2008
    Murray Kentucky
    I always wanted an outhouse to use as a garden shed... Freak out the neighbors in the sub division behind us and whatnot. Still plan on building one, some day.
  3. GardeNerd

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    It is not really strange, but it was made on a budget. I converted a rabbit hutch I found on craigslist for free into a tractor. [​IMG]

    My run was recycled also. It used to be an old beat up workbench that was left here by the previous homeowners. We put built in cabinets in the garage so there wasn't a place for it anymore. Sorry, I don't have great before pics of it.

    There are more pics on my BYC page.
  4. jjamerb

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    Apr 26, 2009
    Elkland, MO
  5. anniemoo

    anniemoo Out Of The Brooder

    Has anyone ever made one out of one of those very old style wooden tv cabinets on legs-could you just take out the tv and put hardware cloth on, put in a door? We just did a universal waste pick-up and someone left this one to be picked up. My husband told me I could not have it (he tells me I bring home too much junk) but I have a great vision for it (and it is sitting in the back of his truck).
  6. CoyoteMagic

    CoyoteMagic RIP ?-2014

    Somebody, can't remember who, had one made out of the backdrop thingie from the Santa display at the mall.
  7. GardeNerd

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    Quote:I would love to see something like that converted into a coop!

    When I was planning my coop I thought about using something like one! I considered an entertainment center cabinet since so many folks are getting rid of them and going to lower units and flat screen tvs on the wall.
  8. wanda047

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    Mar 26, 2009
    Hardy, Arkansas
    Quote:The outhouse was one which used to be at our cabin on our ranch. It had set there un-used for many years. My husband had the bright idea of making a hunting blind out of it and brought it home. After it set in our backyard for over a year... I decided my chickens needed it worse than he did. [​IMG]
  9. WestKnollAmy

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    Apr 22, 2008
    upstate SC
    What? No trampoline??? Surely that is one odd way to make a coop and run.....[​IMG]
  10. ducks4you

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    Jan 20, 2009
    East Central Illinois
    Your tractor looks a lot like the rabbit hutch/NOW "Fanny's home" (2 yr old RIR). It must have been a popular hutch plan.

    Tell me., jjamerb, how did you get pallets in such good condition?

    Every time I'VE looked for pallets, they were on their last legs! [​IMG]

    (unintentionally punny)

    I don't know if you'all realize it, but these pallets can hold a lot of weight!

    GREAT re-use of resources, guys![​IMG]

    P. S. Fanny's been "cooped-up" now in the barn for a few years. She's going out with the 2 month old chicks sometime this summer.

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