Strange egg and chalky white substance


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Good Morning everyone! This morning I crawled out of bed at daybreak, once again reminding my hubby that I would LOVE an automatic coop door (hint, hint), and went to let the girls out of the coop. Everyone came out perkey as can be, but as I was grabbing the early layers eggs, I noticed an egg on the shelf in my coop.

So I have this 5 inch shelf in the coop where the girls like to poop. Don't ask me why, but they all poop in the same spot, and I'm not complaining because it makes daily cleaning a breeze.

Anyway there was this kind of slimy chalky egg on the board surrounded by a big white mucusy (poop?) glob.

I have six girls who all started laying July-Aug. of this year, and all lay daily. For the last few days I have only gotten 5 eggs, but I thought maybe she was just stopping for the winter. Oh and a couple of times this week there has been an egg laid out of the coop, which is strange for my girls as they are very fond of the nest boxes and have never laid outside of the coop.

I have no idea who did this egg. A few of the girls have a bit of chalky white poo on their bottoms, but that's pretty normal for them. The girls are all acting normal, perky and hungry.

Should I be worried???
No, i wouldnt be worried....ive had hens of mine lay outside the nesting boxes for no reason, but it only happens occasionally, and otherwise they do as they should.
If the weather is getting colder around u, it is probably the reason u are only getting 5 eggs. I used to get 5 eggs from my 5 hens each day about a month ago, but lately ive been getting 4 eggs a day, and im sure it because winter is coming.
I wouldn't worry. All sorts of weird things happen with new layers.

The white on top of the poo is urates - it's their urine. (chickens don't urinate, so that is how they excrete it)

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