Strange Egg today


9 Years
Jul 12, 2010
I just went out to get my egg for today, as I only have 1 laying right now.....When I picked it up, it had a "deflated" egg attached to it.....she didn't not lay one yesterday....Any thoughts? Should I be concerned?
Going to attach a picture, maybe they will help me get some responses.....

I am learning that weird things happen when they first start laying and that pretty much all of it is "normal". Is the shell on the egg complete under the attached "deflated" shell-less egg?
I guess what might concern me a little bit is that there appears to be quite a bit of blood...but then again, that picture is magnified a lot.
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YayChicks: Can you re-phrase that please, LOL, not quite sure what you are askin

Well, your picture looks like a regular egg with the little "deflated" egg attached to it. Is the deflated egg just stuck to the shell of the regular egg? Or is it somehow coming out from within the regular egg? Does that make any more sense?​

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