Strange eggs from new hens

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    I wasn't sure if I should post this in the feeding and watering section or diseases and cures so I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I recently acquired three cuckoo maran hens and a cuckoo maran rooster. They were given to me from a friend who had purchased a home in May and the sellers left the marans. My friend gave them to me because she had no idea how to care for them. The hens are missing feathers on their backs due to the roos claws which will be taken care of this weekend, along with his spurs. She had a bucket in the pen for water and would give them a cup or two of layer pellets a day. They did not have access to grass or really any bugs (except for any that wandered into the coop). The floor of the coop (open air with chicken wire) had a dirt floor ,which is fine, except for the fact that it was hard red clay. Anyone with experience with red clay knows it can be like cement LOL. All of this is now rectified as they are now in quarantine, they have a cozy coop with a run full of grass, a waterer and a full feeder of layer pellets. They get grits, dried fruit, and alfalfa pellets every morning. I have recently add crushed egg shells to their feed and oyster shell for free choice. Though they look healthy (no mites, fleas, or sores) one girl lays very soft eggs and another lays this strange looking one. Is this due to a lack of calcium? I've only had them for four days so I know it will take time to turn them around but wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything that could boost their systems. They are picky eaters I think due to never having had treats and such before. I have no idea how old they are but the roo is large and easily weighs around ten pounds if not more. The girls are about 6 to 7 pounds each.

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    I think that the egg quality will improve, since you're taking good care of them. This egg problem is probably because they were malnourished. I might give them some vitamins in their drinking water, just for a little boost too.

    Those chickens are probably in heaven now, thanks to you! I'm sure they'are loving their new surroundings.

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    Moving can be stressfull for chickens and they often stop laying for a while or lay eggs that are different looking at first. They should begin to look normal after a couple days...If not then it may be a calcium issue.
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    Thank you I was just worried.
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