Strange fluid under skin


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10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
I just proceesed part of my second batch of cornish rocks yesterday and ran into something odd. I hope someone can help. Everthing was normal (behavoir, size, internal organs looked good, no fluid in belly) until I went to cut off the thighs. There was layer of thick fluid under the skin on both thigh more towards the back on 2 out of 7 birds. The best way I can describe it is it had the same color and consistancy as egg whites. As I pulled more skin back it seemed to cover the entire thigh down to the leg. Thats the only place that it was. The rest of the bird just had the normal connective tissue. The meat under the slime looked and smelled normal.

Any ideas?
Was this after dunking them in water to scald? Either way I bet it is fine. If you take a fresh skinned chicken and let it sit in water for a few minutes and pull it out, a kind of slime layer next to the meat under the skin forms as water gets caught in the protein matrix which normally holds skin to the body.

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