Strange hard lump on lower chest


6 Years
Jun 1, 2014
San Martin, Ca.
I was doing mite baths on my girls and discovered a hard lump on one of my hens. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Her behavior is quite normal , but she does appear thinner than the other hens. Was going to

deworm them all tomorrow.
It may be a cyst or tumor, but it also looks like she has a breast blister on her keel or breast bone. Of course, it may be from scratching the mites. Does she roost on the floor, or stay on her roost bar for long periods of time? Breast blisters are common in birds that do that. Does she walk around very much, and seem to have normal activity?
They are free ranging during the day and she hangs out with the rest of the girls. At night in the hen house she sits on a bar. I'm not sure about the sores. Thought it might be related to the mites. The lump itself is quite hard and does not seem to be attached to anything under the skin.

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