Strange holes in chicken run :/


14 Years
Aug 17, 2008
Bay Area CA
Hi everyone!
so i was just outside checking on the girls when i noticed these really strange holes in the ground. They are not like gopher holes (where they dirt is in a mound on top) its just a hole and it does make a trail. I immediatly though of a rat or a mouse but there isnt a hole on the other side of the fence. Theres two holes one right next to the other. I covered up the first one when it happened and at some point the mystery thing dug another. There is a cinderblock covering both holes right now. I live in california by the way if that has anything to do with what kind of animals would be around my house. Pleassseee post any input you have. I really hope its not a snake!

Rats and mice can tunnel. You wouldn't have to see a hole on the other side of the fence. I have a multi level yard and I have mice holes leading from here to there alllll over the place.

When I removed my goldfish pond there was a mouse hole under there.... I still don't know why, it didn't go into the liner..... ?
Sounds like mice or rats to me. They do similar things here, almost as though they start a tunnel and they never finish.
I hope your chickens are locked up in a preditor proof coop at night.

Install hardware cloth up the side of your run 2-3 feet and then apron out the rest and secure with tent pegs and/or dirt to prevent anything from digging under.

Good luck.

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