strange holes


9 Years
Feb 24, 2010
I went to go feed my chickens, and I this hole a little smaller then a fist. I shoved a rock in it. then the next day, I see a hole dug around it! then I plugged it up with another rock. nothing dug around it. then a month later, i see about 3 tiny holes leading into the chicken pen! what do you think it is? and how do I stop whatever it is from digging tunnels?
Ugh rats...I would hate to have those around here.
They eat chicken's eggs and the really large ones sometimes even eat baby chicks.

But it could also be a mole or chipmunk or something? Depending on where you live (the climate, too), if it's cold out then it wouldn't be a snake. They hibernate in winter. But it could also be a weasel (I hope not!
), or if the holes are really small and don't go down very deep (like a small animal snout had been poking into it), then that would be a skunk. They use their snouts to make little puncture holes to find those nasty grub things at night. But from your description, I don't think it would be a skunk.

Good luck and I hope whatever it is, it doesn't bother your chickens at all!

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