Strange Nesting Boxes

Gail Laubenthal

Jun 20, 2017
When we built our hoop coop we had an old set of laying boxes, but needed more. I went to Lowes and Home Depot and bought their buckets, had my husband build a frame and the hens went in immediately. I have since replaced the buckets with a row of wooden, partitioned boxes, which they also use. Recently, a few hens have begun flying over our fence and laying their eggs in the sheep hay. Yesterday, I put a basket out there and found 3 eggs last night. I don't mind them laying in other places, as long as I know where it is. A watchful eye can prevent a pile of eggs in a hidden nest.
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Jun 15, 2017
Harrisville, NY
Chickens will get ya. I have 5 that "refuse to chicken." I don't know what went wrong raising them, but the things won't roost, period. And one of them STILL lays her egg on the floor of the coop or the ground out in the run. Drives me mad.
They are not silkies by any chance, because mine will not "chicken" either. They wont roost, they wont sleep where I want them too they have 28 feet of coop instead they sleep in pile right in front of the door so I am tripping over them in the dark when I go out to feed them before work, they like to send me on an egg hunt everyday as they will lay everywhere except the nest boxes.
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