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    May 11, 2010
    I have a small flock that untill recently, consisted of a male serbian highflyer Dale with his (unrelated) mate Lilly, there three children. two are male and one is female. i also have 3 homers one female two males. there were four un-paired pigeons in all, three male and one female. two of those were Dale's youngest children (maybe 5 months old). recently Dale's mate was killed by a hawk, leaving him very lonley. he and his son Corleone have paired. the kiss, feed each other and mount each other. i know that it is his son not his daughter because dale and lilly always produced "sex-linked" ofspring, the males being brown and the females white.
    they spend mpst of their time kissing and cooing in their nestbox taking turns hoping in and out of the nest boal. should i interfere?
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    When there are not enough birds of the opposite sex, pigeons frequently form same sex pairs. If you choose to buy hens for these two males, you will have to separate them and pen them with their own hen until they form a pair bond. I have occasionally used 'hen to hen' pairs to serve as surrogates for birds that I am trying to get extra rounds out of. Too many cocks in a loft is not a good thing. In my experience homers especially will start fighting and destroying nests in their competition over hens.
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    I hear same sex couples are legal in some states and throughout Canada. I would check with your state laws and then do what ever you want. Sourland gave a good post!

    On another note:
    I never used a cock paring as surrogates. In my estimation it would be a tricky pair to manipulate. Maybe use false eggs with the males and see if they incubate; then put the squabs in after 5 days with the biological parents. That is how I would try it.
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    i have heard of, seen, and used same sex pairs, as surrogates, and they work great, with no trouble of unwanted breeding and possibly abandoning nests for new ones that ive heard from others that same sex fosters have done.
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