strange poop


8 Years
Aug 8, 2011
i just noticed some strange poop from my chickens. it is really green and there is alot of undigested grass in it and also looks like seeds or possibly crack corm pieces. is this normal to not get digested sometimes?? i havent had this happen before and i always let them out. could the seed like pieces really be worms or soemthing?? i have never delt with worms. i did not see anyhting crawling in the poops when i picked at them. they are jsut getting over a bout with coccidiosis if that matters, they are full grown chickens.
i guess it was normal according to those pictures, i have had them for 2 years now and have never seen a poop like that before.
they free range and our property is on top of a mountain and there are plenty of little rocks arround. they get their pellets and i give oystershells as well. maby i need to add gritt too. i though they would get what they needed from their enviroment.

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