Strange quail foot problem


6 Years
Apr 29, 2013
I'm new here so hi everyone. Earlier this morning I found one of my juvenile speckled Coturnix quail with a strange foot problem. He is about 3.5 weeks old and has just moved from my brooder (1/8" mesh flooring) to my coop (1/2" mesh flooring). I moved 11 total and the rest are fine. It appears as if walking hurts him and he primarily lays on his chest or tail. A google search turned up the possibility of quail pox, but the pictures I found suggest otherwise. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this and how to treat/prevent it?

I haven't raised chickens since I was in my teens, but looking at your photo reminded me of a chicken we once had. If your quail has what our chicken had, then hopefully the links below will be helpful to you.... --(scroll down to "treat for scaly leg" section)

There is also the possibility of a fungal infection, but that seems less likely since you have kept them on wire mesh.

Hope the links help you.

That looks like scaley leg mites. The mites are microscopic and burrow under the scales of the feet and legs. The only way to kill them is by suffocation.

The easiest way is to get some vaseline and rub it all over the birds foot and scales. Rub it in really well, however do not pick or pull off the scabs.

Meanwhile, keep the bird on a soft surface. Something with bedding like hay or shavings. Do the vaseline thing every day for a few months. The vaseline will soften those scabs and they will fall off and heal on their own. The mites should die within a week or two.

You will also need to treat the area/cages with permethrin spray or something to kill off the mites and eggs that might be living in the quail's environment. Clean everything. Repeat with the spray every 5 days for a week or two to kill off any eggs that might hatch.

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