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9 Years
May 16, 2014
My 19 week old polish pullet pictured just now, made a strange squawk this morning, a sound I had never heard before, like she was in distress. She is normally very quiet and has not found her "cluck" yet, mostly sounds like a creaky door. Anyway I heard the sound, went out to the coop, and found her there laying on the coop floor, making that sound, leaning her head forward and opening and closing her mouth. I brought her inside, got a flashlight and looked down her throat as far as I could, she was amazingly cooperative, I could not see anything. I thought maybe she had something stuck in her throat. Gave her a few drops of nutradrench in a syringe and made her comfortable inside. She seems to be fine now, no longer opening and closing her mouth, no longer making the sound and seems quite content to just sit quietly in the cage. I was thinking to just keep an eye on her for a bit, and if she continues to be OK, then put her back out in the coop. Was it likely that she had something stuck that she has since cleared? I was quite worried when she just lay in my arms with her head down and her eyes closed at first. Thanks for any input. 😊
She could just be starting to get her voice. All of my polish are very loud
Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it! 😊 But I don’t think it’s just that. She hasn’t make a sound since I brought her inside, not even the usual creak. Definitely some distress and not feeling well symptoms involved. She ate a little warm mash and seems to be perking up just a little bit. Still not quite her usual self though.

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