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Carpe DiHen

9 Years
Feb 4, 2010
El Dorado County, CA
I am still concerned about this strange thread event. How did that quote from sumatra get in my message? I saw the original message, then it disapeared and the only evidence is the quote attached to my message. sumatra did not send the message and I did not put that quote in my message.
I have changed my username and password, but I am still wary. Has anything like this happened before?

This is the thread that had the incident:

This thread is also about the incident:
Did it get moved to Random Ramblings?


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Dec 26, 2006
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My Coop
Your thread may have been moved by any of our staff. We can leave this one here and continue the discussion.

The only time this ever happens is if:

1) Someone accesses the computer you are on and you didn't sign out
2) You're using a password that is easy to guess
3) You some how quoted the text accidentally (some people hit the "quote" instead of "reply" links)

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