Strangest (appropriate) place you've ever found an egg!!!????!!!

chickensducks&agoose :

My hens free-range, and last weekend when I went out to mow the lawn, when I dumped the clippings bag, there were about 20 brown eggs! Someone had been laying IN the mower bag. silly chickens.

I hope you check the mower before you turn it on!​
Really not that weird but last week one hen found her way into my van and curled up on a sack of spent coal under a portable forge in the back. She laid, then set for a while cackling. Honda never dreamed...
My young chickens were still living on the screened porch when my first pullet to lay was ready. She checked out every container of any sort on the porch and was making a big racket while doing it.
I finally went out there, picked her up and sat her down in a folding canvas chair. She settled down and laid her egg. For months afterwards, even after they moved to the coop, she would come to the screened door and squawk to be let in so she could go to her chair and lay.
I don't really have a strange place, but I did have a welsummer pullet lay her first egg under the feed bucket. I guess she couldn't stop eating to lay.
Not all that strange, but incredibly cute: in a potted plant with a nibbled-upon geranium and dwarf dianthus. Pink geranium blossoms, maroon & white dianthus, dark green foliage and a pinkish-beige egg.
We find eggs quite often inside a Ford Explorer that my hubby is fixing up (the windows are knocked out). We've now had 2 broodies hatch chicks in the Explorer - hubby isn't very fast in fixing it obvously!
We've also found eggs in my mother's flower pots. I think it's funny, my mom not so much.

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