Strawberries - mealworms - thanks to all for the treats advice


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
After learning on here that I could give fruit to my chickens, I took a couple very small strawberries up to my chicks and they had great fun with it. Pecking at it, chasing each other, and then.... one of them got the crown of leaves off of the top. That was the most fun of all.

As I cut the crowns of leaves off the tops of the strawberries before I coat them in chocolate, I decided to share the tops with my wee ones. They thought that was great.

I also thought Millie would like a strawberry. She had her first one yesterday. She thought it was pretty good. Today, she knew how good it would be and it was so much fun watching her take bites out of this strawberry.

(My horses got a few too, but Jake only wants the ones with chocolate on them

My chickens were fun before I found this forum. But now that I have learned so much more about them, on a scale of 1 -10, my chickens being fun level is at a 25. It is so much fun seeing them enjoy a new treat, and knowing how to care better for them.

And Millie thinks that meal worms are the most wonderful epicurian delight ever, ever, ever. I've never seen her look at a treat container with such longing and chatting before.
Her name is Milisant and I call her Millie for short. She is a RIR. She's the only hen I have left from the chicks I started with last year. Sorry for the confusion.

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