stray dog creeping up onmy shoot or not shoot thats the question?

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    We live in the country and today's my day off so my flock gets to free range. I have noticed a stray dog for weeks up by the road about a acre away from my coop. We yell "get" and it runs away, well today I let the my flock out and was drinking my coffee walking around doing head count and that stray was creeping up on my birds by the fence by their coop! First I am a animal lover,and a vegitarian. However my flocks in danger. I have a shotgun (for skunks opossums and shuch) but never entertained though of shooting a dog. Should I continue to yell "get" and shoot in air or should I shoot the dog :( ? Please tell me what you would do because this is a moral delema for me. Part of me says shoot in air and pray it doesent come back and hubby and another part of me says shoot the creeper to save my flock. Something ate half the face & neck off one of my hens a couple weeks ago right in her coop when door was open for free ranging. It could of been the creeper! Either was I'm locked and loaded and on the lookout. :( p.s. I own a blue peacock that freeranges with my flock.
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    this is a tough decision......the dog could be lost, and maybe its owners are looking for him, etc...
    I would try to find its owners if that is possible first. But, if u see it trying to do any harm to ur flock, shoot it.
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    Oct 22, 2012
    check your local dog regulations, and report it to the dog/animal officer in your area. They might be able to trap the dog but can certainly tell you what the regulations are on shooting it if you have to. They should also know if its been reported missing, or maybe who might own it,
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    I have thought about that as well, thing is where we live its a small one horse ( so to say) and people either tie up their dogs or let them roam, and if its a roamer I dont want it tied up ( I believe thats cruel) I am just beside myself what to do. Leaning towards shooting in air if I just see it but shooting it if its about or is getting one of my birds :( I think I will call the shelter today to do that. Thank you!
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    Get a bigger dog
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    Ok called sheriffs office. We are so far in country no amimal control. They are going to have a deputy call me back to let me know what to do. I called the closest shelter who is in city limits who said I have the right to protact my livestock in there city. I will update what they tell me.
  7. Try taking the buckhsot out of the shell and replacing with very coarse salt. Aim for the rear end. He won't come back.
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    Never shoot in the air. What goes up must come down somewhere. You may injure something else besides the dog.
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    Allright sheriff called and there is no animal control in our town, he said we leagally have right to protect by any meens our person, property, and livestock. Which I am not going to shoot it unless its right up on my flock. My mother said she caught it ( or a different dog) trying to dig into the coop one day :( right after we lost a hen to someting mauling her in daylight. I think I am going to bring out the leftover blackcats from 4th july and try that first, your right what goes up must come down., but if its on one of my birds it will put my back against the wall. :( I pray the blackcats work. Thank you all for your advice.

    Hmmm found 11 leftover roman candles and two packs of blackcats ;)
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