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Feb 24, 2011
First time raising hens. Got the coop and run all set up and my 12 girls are loving life. They should start laying about Aug.

Yesterday 2 stray roosters showed up. We live in the country, and Hubby found out who owns them. They got loose and he can't catch them. He said shoot (!) them.

I don't want roosters, although they are gorgeous black beauties. I don't want to kill them. Or if they are killed to be wasted, would rather not know about it.

Any suggestions on how to catch them. I guess we can take them back to the owner, but they will probly just get out again.

I have dealt with more stray dogs and cats in my day than we can count, but roosters...not so much.

Hope this is the correct place to ask this question. Thanks in advance.
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Yeah, at night when they go to roost catch them then. When I have to catch chickens during the day, I walk them into a corner and use my dog to block an exit. With an extra large fishing net you just scoop 'em up! Or funnel them into an old room in our bard. The key is to walk slow and bring a long stick/net and someone to help.
Hadn't thought about catching in the evening, interesting. This is all so new to me, and we were just cruising along before they showed up. Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated.
Definitely wait until they are asleep with the girls and then you should be able to catch them quite easily. Put them in a cage for the night and Presto... they are caught for rehoming in the morning!
Had one show up a few years all honesty it was a sbig as a turkey! Beat the snot out my two roosters! One night it came in, it got by me as it targeted one of my roosters, wife nailed him with the metal top of a 30 gallon feed conatiner! He fell down, we figured she killed him. In a few minutes he jumped up..staggered away. A few days later he was back, ripping into our roosters again! Wife called neighbor and got her 22. She ended up shooting him in the nec...he calmed down, neighbor hauled him away. 2 weeks later that neighbor sold him for $17 at the sale LOL!

Put them in the stew pot.....
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