1. jannakaye

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    Jul 28, 2014
    I went to check on the girls and Priscilla (standard Polish) jumped up onto the roost pole. Mille (D'Uccle) was standing directly under where Pris jumped. I heard Mille squawk and saw her hunkered down. Her head started twitching and I took her out of the coop. She had a seizure and went limp. I thought she was dead,but she was still breathing. I brought her inside and she has perked up a little(holding her head up instead of limp, semi responsive) I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP! She is four years old and has never had any health problems. Could this be a stroke?
  2. The Angry Hen

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    Dec 17, 2016
    Dirigo! (Maine).
    I am sorry to hear about your hen.
    How were her feet when you got her?

    Were they stretched out and hard as a rock?
    Or loose and wobbly?

    Let me know!
    -The Angry Hen
  3. Sounds like a broken neck...?....Sorry that happened...
    How is the Bird today?...
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  4. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    What is the condition of your mille fleur now? How is her neck? Can she move her legs and wings, or stand? Chickens can have seizures, and they can also have neurological symptoms from certain illnesses. Wry neck can cause a twisted neck, and sometimes walking in circles or backward. A limp or limberneck can be a sign of dehydration, but sometimes Mareks or botulism. Hopefully she has recovered by now.
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  5. Her other Hen landed on it....Not a disease or anything else...:th

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