Stromberg Chicks and Game Fowl

I purchased 4 - 2 month old pea hocks in May. They said they ship in Aug. it's been hot so they are shipping on the 31st of Aug by USP. They say it'll take 2 days. Is this safe? Has anyone dealt with these folks? What should I look out for. We had peacocks 25 years ago and wanted to get some again. My husband found their site and we purchased the babies. We also purchased a star bracket system to build the Hutch. We are going to build two more but larger for an expansion onto our bonsai house. We are a family plant nursery with 12 acres.
Thank you. They did not give me a lot of information when I purchased the birds. They just recently told me how the chicks were going to be shipped and where. They had the wrong name in the wrong address down which worried me. They told me that I would not know how old the birds were when they got here. I was wondering if anybody on here or if you knew how I could tell how old they were. I don't want to overheat them or under heat them. I used 1/4" hardware cloth. I wanted vinyl coated but couldn't find it in that size only 1/2". Stromberg's don't give much info.


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At the top of the Peafowl Forum page there is a 'Stickies' button. Push that and find all the newbee information and read all you can, it is a great resource. Ask all the questions you like and you will get answers eventually, but the threads in the stickies will be much faster for you.

As far as the age of the birds you are getting, they will be this years hatch. They may not have even been hatched when they took your deposit. It takes two to three years for peas to mature so if they were early hatch or late hatch will make no difference by the time they start breeding. Early hatch birds will feather out sooner and may have better color in the first year (next year), but for the most part it really doesn't matter. If they told you they would be two months old they won't need supplemental heat if they have an inside coop.

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