Stromberg Chicks and Game Fowl

I purchased 4 - 2 month old pea hocks in May. They said they ship in Aug. it's been hot so they are shipping on the 31st of Aug by USP. They say it'll take 2 days. Is this safe? Has anyone dealt with these folks? What should I look out for. We had peacocks 25 years ago and wanted to get some again. My husband found their site and we purchased the babies. We also purchased a star bracket system to build the Hutch. We are going to build two more but larger for an expansion onto our bonsai house. We are a family plant nursery with 12 acres.


May 7, 2016
Chouteau ok
There is no way I would ever buy peafowl from Strombergs again!! I got 8 birds that were probably 2 months old shoved in a box for BABIES all in one box!! They looked awful!! They lived for about a month and then started dying off one by one I ended up with 2!! Waist of money, and I couldn't save them broken hearted!! Sorry for the bad news..


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Jul 7, 2012
They are a reseller and deal with many breeders. Some breeders are good some bad but the actual breeder will ship pretty much what he wants. It is not an ideal situation much better to find a breeder close by in this site. If they are healthy count your blessings and post a pic here; maybe they are purple pieds. Also make sure to keep a close eye on them to make sure they are eating and don't start looking droopy. How big is your dome going to be?


May 23, 2016
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I would go through some of the larger mom and pop breeders who ship. If you're like me and don't have many people who breed in your local area it's almost a requirement if you want to get some of the more interesting colors.
I'm going to post picks tonight. They all seem to be eating and drinking. 15' with a flight run. We are planning to let them free roam. We had them before and the boys did fine. Two India Blue Boys no girls. A friend of my Dads gave them to us. He was in Cincy but I couldn't find him. They've been gone for a number of years now. We decided it was time.
Folks if I can get pictures up can someone tell me how old these babies are?


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May 13, 2016
Mine came in this week, finally!! I ordered them in April, they were supposed the arrive on July 28 but they called me every Tuesday to tell me they didn't hatch yet... Another bad hatch week. Finally they shipped Tuesday and arrived on Thursday morning. My post office called me as soon as they arrived, about 6:30 am.
So far the peachicks and guineas are doing great! This is my first experience with peas.

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