Strong Norther from the depths of the north pole itself!


7 Years
Jul 17, 2014
Okay maybe not. I live in southeast Texas. We had a norther blow in this morning. The lows should be in the mid to upper 50's the next 2 nights. I have 4 baby chicks from 2-4 weeks old that I'm letting the hen raise. They stay in the coop. My question is... Is the hen's warmth enough or should I put a heat lamp in for the next few nights. And.... if the heat lamp is needed, at what age should I not worry anymore? My coop is OUT of the north wind. Thanks for the help!
The hen will do her job and keep them warm. I gave a broody chicks last spring and it snowed 2 nights later (they were less than a week old) and didn't get out of the 40's for 3-4 days and they did fine.

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