Stuart our Roosters last day.


9 Years
May 22, 2010
Stuart, who I have raised since he was 2 weeks old will be euthanized today. His aggression, so dangerous now, the electric fence doesn't even contain him. Moving him into a crate this morning was devastating for him. We are waiting to leave for our appointment and I pray for Stuart. I know this is not his fault, he was an extremely dedicated and loving rooster to his girls. I love you Stu and I hope you will find peace and forgiveness in your heart me.

Thank you all for letting me post this.
I am sorry to hear about this and feel for you as I too am very attached to my rooster. Before you complete your actions, for his sake, you may want to try researching some alternatives.............there are ways people handled this in the past, not always having to utilize your decision at this time; after all, our generation is not the first to encounter this type of problem.

The dog whisperer has shown thousands of owners and dog lovers that they must be the "pack" leader to create the real loving relationship with their dogs. My rooster knows when I am out that I am the leader.........this took time and loving correction and great patience on my part. It also took me time to show my children that they too must be the rooster's agression is not what it used to be and he "challenges" us less and less everyday.

I just thought I would offer some thoughts for you to consider before you act on your current thought.
A dangerous animal is just that. It is one thing to risk yourself, but it is another to risk other people or children.

Some roosters are aggressive and need to be culled. No one deserves to be attacked. The original poster needs encouragement to make the right decision.

While we all get attached, sometimes logic needs to prevail over emotions. A mean and dangerous rooster can ruin the enjoyment of having chickens.

Thank you for your thoughts. We've been working with Stu for 2.5 years. I made 3 appointments for the vet last year alone but kept saying "he's only doing his job", "he's a good guy", "we'll keep him penned". We purchased an electric fence and he would take the shock just to get to someone. Believe me, I've done it all. We have a rescue and children that come up to see the horses and goats and others. Honesty, if he heard someone coming he would sit under a vehicle and wait. He has drawn blood on more than one occasion. Sadly, it was time. We brought him home and buried him in the pet garden. Oh yeah, we weighed him at 20 pounds, lots of pasta there!!

Thank you

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