Stubborn Chicken... Need Coop Revision #1

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    I seen it was starting to storm, wasn't raining, just lightning. I thought I should go shut the girls up for the night. Five of the six hens were in the coop, the other one, I couldn't find right away. The kids kept saying it was under the ladder. I looked under the ladder, I seen no Buff Orpington!!!! Then they said, NO Mommy, in the box under the ladder, she's hiding!! [​IMG] It really isn't a box, and we never knew or thought a chicken would find its way in there. Silly Us ~ Right!!!
    My seven year old wants to call that one "Hidden" (there are no names really set for any of the chickens yet)

    My husband is at work, its pouring now, 4 kids are outside, sending them in, they go... I am stuck there with the chicken in a tough spot. She is wrapping her toes around the side of the 2x4 and into the hardware cloth. [​IMG] I didn't have a clue what to do, [​IMG] so I called my neighbor. (She has to love me, I call her often for many different things) She will be chicken sitting when they need sat! Did I say this is only the 2nd night for us to have chickens, only one full 24 hours have I ever owned chickens??? My neighbor came over with a screwdriver and when I was about to get the first screw started (the whole was filled with dirt) to take the ladder off, my neighbor noticed she had let go of the board with her toes... I took the opportunity to get a hold of her and get her in the coop. I was able to get her on the sill of the pop door/window, she wouldn't budge any further. [​IMG] SO, I had to go out of the dry pen, around to the door, unlock it, get in the coop, move her up to the roosts, (they mainly stayed under the nest box all last night) capture the other two hens that I hadn't gotten on the roosts, they were hiding down by the feed. After they were all settled, [​IMG] and I have gotten a little bit wet, it really starts to pour!!! I go out of the coop, lock it, close (not really close) put down the shutters my husband made to stop rain from going in, its suppose to storm most of the night. With winds rain would still get in. I wanted them still to have a little more air than just the vents, but I really want to keep my coop dry... so I didn't lock them shut, *they have hardware cloth on them too.* By now I am soaked, I walk back to my house with the neighbor, shut the open garage and come inside. The two year old was very concerned about the chicken and asked if I got her out of her hiding spot, I told her yes, and she was happy the chicken was going to go night night!!!! And So am I!! [​IMG]
    As for the coop revision, there is going to be a piece of wood at a nice slant placed behind the ladder, covering this spot, so this does not happen again!!! ~ So honey if you read this before I see you tonight, know that I have plans for you first thing in the morning tomorrow!!!!! [​IMG]
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    What a dedicated Chicken-Mom!!!! You braved rain, wind and LIGHTNING for your treasured babies! Aaaaaawwwwwwwwhhh!

    GOOD JOB!!!!!! Your reward will be the best tasting eggs for breakfast, great entertainment. wonderful stories to tell, and pure love wrapped in feathers!

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