Stuck egg unstuck with a chick in it?


10 Years
Jun 23, 2009
Is this even possible? i have one hen who lays dark eggs and she had a stuck egg / or she stopped laying and pooped out her innards - I gave her a sitz bath for a bit and let her go. she has been doing quite well still havent found an egg from her until this a.m. I found an egg in the coop broken open with a early stage chick in it! I DO NOT have a broody what-so-ever cause I only have two hens (the other one had produced an egg today and every day none missing just the brown hen hasnt) and both run free-range a good portion of the day with the rooster. so no-one was sitting on this egg long enough to produce a chick with just few little feathers.
SOOOO experts - what the heck?

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