Stunted Growth in chick?


5 Years
May 21, 2014
Nova Scotia, Canada
Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this. But I am really curious about a particular chick in our flock
All hatched on Boxing day, so quite a few months ago.
While some are growing quite a bit, we have a little one named Mary who is noticeably smaller than the rest, she's been smaller than the rest for a VERY long time. Their chick feed is medicated to protect against cocci sickness/and cure it. They are all well fed too.
They are all mixes of oliver eggers and marans, so we aren't sure if there is a bantam gene present or not. I can get more photos if required
I should also mention that she also still sounds/acts like a chick while the rest are more adult sounding though they are all hatched on the same day (with the exception of the white one)

She is the little one in the middle/front with her sisters

In the front again, plain black one

She is a real sweetie and likes to follow everyone around.
She could just be a little slower to develop. Some of those 'sisters' are not sisters.
I thought so too. Sometimes I forget they aren't actually closely related because they are always together :p

I think junebuggena was suggesting that some of them are brothers, most noticeably the ones with the rust-colored shoulders.
I have four RIR hens and one of them is just small. She's been the smallest ever since they were a few weeks old.

She's a good layer. She's normal and healthy. She's just on the small end of normal. I guess just like with people, some are short/petite, and some are big and tall. Being a short gal myself, I can relate!

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