Stupid bugs.


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Jan 14, 2009
They're eating me in my sleep!!! I keep waking up to find 2 more bites almost every morning! This time, I had 6 tiny ones!
Sorry, that is so frustrating.
My suggestion is to wash all of your bedding. Vacuum your mattress, and fluff your pillows in the dryer. When you put it all back together, the buggies should be gone. Best of luck, been there a few times myself.
Don't know if this would work but I would wash bedding and pillows with some flea/tick shampoo.Perhaps spray the bed with something similar,or dose it in borax.

If it were bedbugs I saw on tv that some companies use a dog to locate them,and then use dry ice to kill them.
Vacume under the bed too, under the matress if a box spring too! Do a full cleaning... animals to!

If you still have bites...... take all animals and food/water out of the room and do a flea bomb............ then re-clean the room completely before bringing animals back in.

If you have bed bugs..... or the bites continue, you'll need an exterminator!

I wonder if DE would work on carpet if you vacume it up after a few days..... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Here it the best way to find out if it is fleas! Get a white towel, a bowl of water with a little bit of dawn dish soap,(maybe any soap will work!) and a light like a desk lamp that can bend.
Lay the white towel out, put the bowl on the towel, and put the lamp over the bowl, careful it doesn't fall into the water! Turn on lamp and wait, you will soon see the fleas attract to the light and( heat) and jump at it into the soapy water! Plus see them as specs on the white towel! Some flea stages are impossible to kill, I forget which one it is. If you sweep, keep in mind the fleas will live in the bag, so if you change the bag seal it off or you will just release them back into your home.
Also consider bed bugs, that are making a big come back. Check for bugs and or droppings in the folds of your mattress. Bed bugs love to hid in cracks and crevices! Look on line what to look for. Bed bugs are hard to kill, so you may need professional help! Sometime fleas are so far out of control you may need professional help with them too! My SIL did.
Fleas are attracted to heat and light so if you have your windows open with those cute little candle lights in the window you are attracting the fleas in, and they can fit through the screens! That is how my SIL was getting them!
Just a few tips I learned from her! The bed bugs, I seen on tv! Creepy little critters!
I think I found where they're coming from! (it's a big ol' pillow) After doing a cleaning of my room and stuffing that big old pillow in my closet that I never use, and drying my pillows, I don't have any bites this morning!

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