Stupid Hawk!!

Jackie B.

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May 13, 2010
Greenville, SC
So I know. I get it. When you free range chickens it's like putting a Snicker's bar in the backyard for any assortment of predators. My chickens are normally pretty good about the hawks: Hannah the rooster sounds the alarm and depending on where everyone is in the yard, they either dive under the bushes or hit the deck...literally.

Unfortunately today, the hawk got the last laugh and dove under the deck after them!!! And he got my Bonita, my first layer and Olive Egger at that. Yes I just burst into tears at work. Can you take short-term disability for chicken depression?

Now I need another Olive Egger!


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Sorry for your loss.

Freerange does have it's perils, but it is worth it knowing the chickies are so happy when allowed to run about being chickies.
We have alot of hawks in our area and had one close call. Dad heard squawking and ran over to see what it was. A hawk had one of the girls and was trying to hold on to her and pluck her feathers. Dad chased off the hawk and amazingly the chickie was ok minus alot of back feathers and only 1 scratch. The flock as a whole has learned to be more cautious. The girls pay more attention to the boys warning calls.
Ofcourse, still notice that some of the girls have slid back to wandering away from the group not paying attention as they should.

Hawks are oppurtunistic and if they think they can risk the dive on an easy target they will.
So sorry for your loss! Cute name for the roo!

Could you do a plastic run around the coop so they have a semi-safe spot? I have plastic fencing and some bird netting over it.Will slow things down long enough for them to get away. Ofcourse if the hawk goes in the coop they have no safety in there at all!
I think when a hawk got ours, I used a more choice word other than stupid..heheheee...We have a deck that ours used to go under too..figured they were safe in there. It's only about a 1 1/2 feet off the ground..How high is yours?

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