Stupid, ouch! puncture, suggestions?


10 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Southern Illinois
I was building a cage yesterday when Jan yelled that there was a horse down and tangled. I started for the door and then decided I needed my side nippers I was using. When I grabbed them I reached over the 1" square wire I was using and put 3 1" sharp ends into the muscle of my arm.
Not sure what the gelding thought he was doing. Tangled himself in the fence and pulled the corner post out of the ground. Not sure how much damage he did to his hock. Very sore but damage from bruising will show up more today. This is my riding horse and one that will colic at the slightest pain. So it was hours before we finished with him and I bothered to look at my arm.

I am tempted to try the Ichthammol on the punctures on me and my poor gelding.
First of all I hope both you and your horse have had a tetanus shot. If we are talking deep puncture wounds or deep slices in the meat you want to not dry the wounds out but let them heal from within. My vet recommended I use screw worm spray. It comes in a spray can and also helps keep flies off. Don't wrap. Oh, were we talking the horse or you? I would clean your wounds well and use Neosporin. Hope both of ya'll get to feeling better real soon.

I have the antitoxin for the horse...

The Dr might frown on it if I use some on myself. It was clean brand new wire for me so it is just really really sore right now. Moving my hand moves the muscle...oh well. Good news is no cut tendons or ligaments on the gelding. Not sure how badly he pulled everything. He has slices around and near his hock.
At least he is standing on it today rather then keeping it up. He will be out on pasture again in a few hours so he walks a bit.

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