Stupid roosters.


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Nov 16, 2007
Southern Indiana
My craigslist post to get rid of some roos. So far it's working. I've got homes for Junior and Parson Brown

(Can you believe someone flagged this for the title?)

As spring approaches and our winter hatchlings start to get out and about, we find ourselves with an abundance of Y chromosomers. I love roosters, don't get me wrong. I love the sounds, I love how they do little dances for the ladies, and I love that there's someone to keep an eye on the girls.
But there is a downside.
Having three mature roosters and 4 younger ones makes for a very uneasy barn. The ladies are all shagged out and have feathers missing, and the boys are always suspiciously eyeballing one another, trying to figure out which of them will get shivved in the shower, so to speak.
With my girls all looking like scurrying, paranoid refugees from a pillow factory, we've come to a decision. It's time to get rid of some roosters. They're all good boys, so I don't really want to EAT them, but if you do, well, just don't tell me about it, k? If you show up with a stockpot and knife in hand, that counts as telling. So don't do that.
Here's a brief rundown of the boys and their personalities..

First, we have Little B*stard. He's big, beautiful, and dumb. Think of Jethro Clampett, only dumber. He also has the libido of Frank Sinatra and a voice to match. His days are consumed with hiding behind the compost and jumping unsuspecting hens while they're trying to get some quiet time. He doesn't dance for them, he ambushes them. His favorite target is a tiny D'Uccle bantam, and I'm afraid he's going to hurt her with his amorous predilections. I suspect he's some kind of Columbian Delaware or Wyandotte- he was given to me as an unnamed pure breed.

Next on the gotta go list is Junior. He's young still, and started crowing today. He's an Easter Egger, with lovely slate legs. It looks like he's going to be a gold duckwing color. He's the offspring of an EE roo and an Ameraucana hen. So far, he just tries to be inconspicuous. If he's anything like his father, he'll be a very well behaved boy.

Number three on the list is Parson Brown. He's the brother of Junior. EE/Ameraucana cross. He's quiet, shy, and very well behaved. He's a lovely red brown with a big green iridescent tail. The younger girls all like him, and tend to sleep in a big pile around him.

This will still leave me with 4 roosters, but that should be enough to balance out the lot. I also have a couple or day old chicks that are EE/Wyandotte or Marans crosses. They look like they're going to be awful cute. They're up for grabs. Hatching eggs are available too- heck, if you have an incubator I'll throw in some for taking a roo.

I'm in Sellersburg. Email is best.

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