Stupid, stupid guineas


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Shamong, NJ
We've raised guineas in small groups at a time over the last few years. 1st year 4 guineas only 1 turned out to be male. Mwenda. He is my sons favorite and he goes to all his 4-H events with him. Just so easy to handle, etc. These guineas were raised with ducks, but had to get their own coop when Mwenda began attacking our drake during mating season. Next year we raised a group of 3. 1 turns out to be male, Hershey. Mwenda has always made it clear he is head honcho. Hershey never fought him on it. 2 years ago our rooster took on Mwenda and totally lost. No one messes with Mwenda. The 7guineas have lived together without too much incident. Last years group of 3 live with the chickens. 1 turns out to be male, Chaos. Every morning the 1st thing Mwenda does is go to the coop where the 3 live with the chickens. (I thought he was interested in 1 of the girls, but now I think different). Mwenda is the last to go away at night as if he must makes sure everyone goes where they belong. When everyone is free-ranging they pretty much stay in their own groups. Every once in a while Mwenda will rush at Hershey or a chicken or a duck or another guinea hen. Seems like he just telling everyone who is boss. We guess after 21/2 years Hershey has had enough. He finally fought back and won. He didn't do too much damage to Mwenda other then a cut near his eye and 1 on the back of this neck. Will have to see what happens now.
I mean really it took 21/2 years to get to this point
I know right! Well 1st we locked up Mwenda in the guinea coop for the rest of the day (after we patched him up). They were locked up together at night. For some reason while in the coop together they are fine. The next day we lock up Hershey to keep him away from Mwenda. Now they are free ranging again and so far no fights

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