Stupid wireless. How do I make it work?


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I'm trying to set up a new wireless thingie for the computer. I have it all assembled and have run it through the setup software. I can't get the computer to recognize it though, nor can I get the Kindle to see it. What the heck do I do?
Any teenagers about?

They usually work best for this sort of thing.

Did you go to the setting thingamy on your pc to make it search for the doo daa?

^Above suggestion should drag the technocapable out of the woodwork^

Shhhhh.... that's how you reel them in, so you know for future reference! Give them a chance to be the smartest in the room... and bat your eyelashes
When I had to reset computers to factory setting I would have to put in the numbers that were on the back of the wireless router.Once that was done I opened the network search and my computer actually found the wireless network.Once that was done I set the block so only my computers got aceess not neighbors.

I agree kids often know way more! My dh knows these things well too,but he isn't home often to help.
Squishy, you are cracking me up!!

Sadly, there are no teenagers about. I'll try to get ahold of my techie friends today to see if they can help. I got the wireless thing (router?) working with the Kindle, which was the whole point. Now it is just the laptop that doesn't want to recognize it. It did at one point. I somehow screwed it up. Sigh.

Mattemma- how do I set it so only I can see it? It is set up with a password. Will that work?
you have to hide the ssid so that no one can see it. It adds way more security. Its just that when you connect to your network you have to type the name of the network as well as the password.
Have you reset the wireless connection on your laptop? Sometimes that helps pick it up better. Normally you can do a search on the computer for the router number (as Mattemma said) It is normally under Networks or Wireless Connections. I'm working from a Mac here, so I am a little fuzzy on PC stuff.

You can also go to the router's website and they most likely have a technical walkthrough to help.
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