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Aug 14, 2011
Rapid City, South Dakota
How many people out there successfully raised chicks? I know many of you have. Please post some pics! Mine are still 3 weeks old. But they are scratching aroud looking for bugs now.


We have four adult hens. The buff Brahma went broody and we got her some eggs to sit on. She hatched the five cuties seen here. Three turned out to be roosters and two are beautiful little girls. They're 9 weeks old now. Getting ready to give the boys to homes who can have and want roos!
There's equality. I love the roos. They're beautiful too. It's actually a tie between which coloring I like the best between them. The girls are both white which black tales and the three roos are all speckled... I'm just trying not to get too attached because we have to give up the boys. City living doesn't allow for them and my hubby says they have to go because he doesn't want the neighbors to call the cops. One more week with them and then they go to live the country life!

That pic of the two is one of my favorites. Thanks for the compliments. I'll tell them everyone thinks they're cuties! My son named them and they're all named after Star Wards characters! The girls are Bobba and Jengo Fett. The boys are Lando, Han and Leia turned Luke! HA!
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