Successfully hatched egg with kerosene lamp during power outage

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    Mar 21, 2014
    Couple weeks ago I decided to get some baby chicks for my broody hen. After I grafted the babies onto mama, I took the eggs out from her. Then I candled them.

    That's when I had the 'oh crap' moment of there are babies in these eggs! About 6 days old! I thought, well everyone keeps telling me stories of my great granny hatching chicks, ducklings, goslings with just a lightbulb and a cardboard box. So I quickly put them in a box with some pine chips, into a dog crate with a heatlamp clamped onto it and a cup of water...

    13 days later I have a baby chick. Still 5 eggs left, all still alive in the eggs, a huge storm came through last night. Knocked a power line down. CRAP! At that point I had another egg pipped.

    So heres what our redneck engineering came up with.
    Oil lamp into the dog crate, pizza pan on top, cardboard box on top of that with water and wet washcloth in the box.

    We wait meanwhile the day old chick slept wrapped in a flannel pillow case, in a basket.
    Power didnt come back on until 7 this morning.
    And guess what?!
    We have a new chick this morning!!!!!!!!!!

    And the other eggs are still alive.

    Crazy, huh?!

    Had to share. :)
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    That's great news
    How is the brush getting on?
    I also grafted a chick to a broody hen and then one of her chicks hatched
    The chicks are about 1 and a half weeks old
    And I came out to find the broody hen dead and the chicks running around the enclosure
    Thankfully I have 3 eletric hens so I took them inside and put them into a fish tank with
    The eletric hen.
    They should survive but I'm more disappointed about my hen
    Because she was one of my show silkies :/
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    @minamisfit way to go - necessity is the mother of invention!

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