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    Mar 27, 2015
    I woke up this morning to find my dear little (might be older I have to check) 2 month old Sicillian Buttercup chick laying down. I thought it was weird because the others were scratching around and digging. When one stepped on her she lifted her head a little and waved it around like she was dizzy and then her head just dropped. She just passed away within minutes of that happening. Note: the heat lamp did die during the night but the lowest it got was in the 60s and there are A LOT of chicks in the to keep her warm if she was cold. I had something like this happen last year when I moved my chicks into the coop, 11 died and only 2 survived. She I treat for coccidiosis? I'm petrified I'm going to lose them all. Please help!!
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    Sorry for your loss. Never hesitate to treat for possible coccidiosis with Corid when chicks that age beome lethargic or weak. Heat lamps are not necessary after chicks are 6 weeks old if fully feathered. Dehydration is another problem that can cause weakness. Her neck movements were probably some neurological signs as she was dying, which would be expected. If you see any chicks with lethargy, standing hunched or puffed up, limp and weak, not eating, or having runny poops with mucus or blood, then give water with electrolytes until you get Corid started. It is availabe at feed stores in liquid or powder form, in the cattle medicines.

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