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    Mar 25, 2010
    I had 3 banties. One Silky, one Frizzle and one cochin. The Cochin is a roo, the other 2 are hens. They are just pets, we handle them every day. They have an enclosed outdoor enclosure and we take them in (actually physically pick them up and carry them or put them in thier box) every night because we are not comfortable leaving them out over night. The coop is enclosed but I'm paranoid so they all come in and go in a hutch at night. They are all approaching a year old. The 2 hens I've had since they were a day old, the Roo has been with us about 6 months. We took them all out in the morning. All 3 seemed fine, eating, drinking, pooping, scratching etc. She showed NO signs of illness or of even being a little "off" We went to put them up that night and the silky was dead. She had been acting perfectly normal, there was NO sign of fight or struggle, no blood, no missing feathers, nothing at all wrong with the body. She was the Roos favorite and he would periodically mate with her but I can't imagin he killed her. She had layed a FEW eggs, maybe a grand total of 5 in her lifetime. Could she have become egg bound and died that quickly?
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    I am sorry she passed. Sounds like maybe she had heart failure or something similar - sometimes with sudden death we never know. I had a silver laced bantam cochin pass away like that, she was fine in the morning when I opened the coop - active, eating, flying around, clucking, being her normal self - but by 9:30 she was setting still in one spot and passed shortly after that.


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