Sudden onset of Heartburn - what causes it?

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  1. I had the same thing after I had a heart attack. Didn't realize I had one, there were no other symptoms, but my Dr. did an EKG as part of a physical exam and noticed an irregularity. Sent me to a cardoligist and sure enough, I had had an attack. Important to get checked so you can try to limit any more!! .......stan
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    Heart attacks are different for woman then men.. altough it never hurts to know the symptoms.

    I was also going to suggest gallbladder.

    Do you take alot of pain killers, motrin etc? If you do, they will cause acid reflux and other gut issues over extended use (I had that problem and it's gone away after I was able to stop taking the pain meds).

    Either way, I'd be watching what I'm eating and see a Dr.
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    Quote:Hmm you know - that maight be it. I've hit that age where things are starting to fall apart [​IMG] Also with my allergies I get headaches more often so although in the past I never took any meds at all lately I have been. Not every day but definately more often.

    I wonder if it is the zyrtec I've been taking religiously this year?
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    ulcers are typically better after you eat, could be infection, gallbladder, pancreatitis...if no changes in life/ increase stress for instance, change in diet, you need to see a old? Something is causing and increase in acid/gastric juices, make a note of what you eat, and when - it will help with the dx. also, what is it that's new in your life,,,is it the motrin? stools normal, no changes there....gastro is the most complicated to figure out so good luck with it, a heart attack will have other associated symptoms, rare that it is just heartburn, but, as far as insurance is concerned it will make it payable to present with such concern, not just a routine physical anymore- tricky, don't wait
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    My diet hasn't really changed, and it would be a miracle if I was pregnant, although Wellsummer wouldn't know that so I won't smack her...

    I am sooooooo getting even with you!

    On a lighter note - my guineas are due to hatch in about 1 1/2 weeks and look to be growing strong!

    Go ahead and smack me. I was trying to be humorous, LOL.

    You very well can very suddenly develop heart burn.

    JUST MAKE SURE IT IS HEARTBURN.....and THEN....don't say, 'Oh it's just heartburn'. Heart burn can cause a lot of problems.

    For me, getting rid of heart burn was all about losing weight. That's the case for many, many people.

    I had to not eat any late meals, and not lay down after I ate.

    The WORST thing I could eat was sweets. OH THE AGONY! Now I confine myself to just tiny tastes of sweet items.
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    foods with acid, fruits on an empty stomach. Yes, allergy meds. Your body gets dehydrated. Coffee, caffenated drinks, sodas, artificial sweetners. Your body cycles, especially just before you start, premenopase, even smoking. Is there any change if you are trying to sleep? Rest? If you are taking allergy meds, these dry you out, will constipate you and cause other problems to arise, including heartburn. Ground flax seeds in oatmeal or muffins works well. But first, read the different reactions on the allergy bottle, then ask a pharmacist. AND communicate with your dr so he/she can make the right call.
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    you see your dr because, he does a face to face interview and you need a cbc and chemistry panel..your post was sudden onset of indigestion, but reading on you said it's been going on for weeks....rules out cardio, you'd already be dead, and sadly that's not a joke, just ends that algorithim,,,is it burning . stabbing, tearing, it could even be an aortic aneurism, it can't be dx over the web because so many other factors are involved and you and I can play the guessing r/o game all day and get no where..just promise that if it persists, becomes worse, even quite painful at times you'll seek immediately attention, I always hate it when people waitt to the last minute, so much harder to save your life that way, when one day can make a huge difference

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