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    Yesterday I got several books on canning at the library. My fav by FAR is one called "Sentational Preserves":

    I wrote down quite a few things I want to try. The best thing about the book, besides the mouth-watering photos, is that the author tells you what to do with the preserved food after you've made it, and how long to let it develop or how long it'll last before spoiling.

    Example: a friend told me about the preserved lemons her FIL makes. I looked up the recipe and made them. Now what? The accompanying recipes tell me how to use preserved lemons in food, that I should wait 3-4 weeks after making the lemons to use them, that they'll last 1 year unrefrigerated, and that a "white lacy film" on the lemons doesn't mean they're ruined.

    My one complaint is that the author doesn't give instructions on processing - nothing on how long to process and in water bath or pressure canner.

    Now I'm making my way through "Blue Ribbon Preserves": Seems like another really good book.
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    Thanks for the info, I will be going to the library Monday to look for those. I just use the old original Ball Blue Book. I am up to my eyeballs in pickles right now, bread and butter, dill, kosher dill. We will have plenty of pickles this winter. Egg and pickle sandwich anyone?[​IMG]
  3. You may want to consider publication/revision dates in your reading. 1989 saw many revisions to what's considered safe food preservation methods. I still use older books for tips/tricks/ recipes, but always refer to post 1989 books for safe processing times & methods.
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    I use the BALL BLUE BOOK and the book that came with my AMERICAN pressure canner
    Thats it

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