Suggestions for Management of Damaged and Mal-positioned Egg Air Cells

Discussion in 'Geese' started by pete55, May 9, 2011.

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    I was just thinking the same thing! Cut the bottom out of the egg holder, cutting the egg carton apart and putting that in there. I have a Brinsea Mini Advanced with an auto egg turner but I was thinking I'd have to keep the auto turning off for this incubation.
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    I have a chicken incubating question I hope you can answer. I see you said to put the goose eggs blunt side up (which makes more sense to me)but I was told to put my chicken eggs point side up. I am on day 19 and just took them out of the auto turners and put the eggs back in the bater. Am I (our rather my chicks)going to have problems? I am new to incubating and this my first 'practice round' of just some eggs I got from my chickens. I'm pretty sure they were all fertile, and my candling done at day 11 looked good. I didn't notice any "smelly nellys" when moving the eggs today so I hope that is a good sign. Thank you for any help you can give me.
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    How do your air cells look? Chicken eggs should be put in the turner the same way as others with the blunt (fatter) end up.. I usually take mine out around day 18 and lay them on their sides to hatch (this time I'm hand turning), but as long as your air cells looks normal they should be fine..but I've heard that the Chick will also not turn and position itself right for hatch if egg was upside down? Hopefully someone else that's dealt with it will chime in but if in doubt, elevate the end with the air sac a bit (I'd prop up the whole bator with a couple magazines)and then just leave them on their sides
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    I am so glad I found this thread! I just ordered 10 rarest of rare assortment chicken eggs from murray mcmurray, got them Friday- 12 were shipped 2 were smashed and 2 have hairline cracks. I waxed the hairline cracks and set those two separately, just to see if that might work... after letting the eggs settle for 12 hours blunt side up I candled them, out of the 10 eggs 8 have detached air cells. I decided to start all of them vertical since it seems they had a rough trip :/ anywho I will keep you posted. today is day one, I didn't touch them for 24 hours and now I am adjusting 45 degrees. 5 times a day. Thank you pete.
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    Great thread! I am not new to hatching shipped eggs but this batch had gotten lost in the post for 4 days and has the worst air cells I have seen. A few a detached, the rest are strange shapes that slosh around with fluid in them. It has been 3 & 1/2 days and I have them upright in cutdown cartons and have not turned them. I was hoping the air cells would stabilize but they are not. Any further suggestions or is it just a waiting game at this point to see how they do?
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    Hi I am new to all this, but have invested in an incubator and have 6 fertilised Jersey Giants coming tomorrow. The only problem is I don't own a candle.
    Is there any tips you could give me to do this process with out, I'm worried now :/
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    Please how do I make an incubator and what materials do I need? Help me
    [email protected] daniel riddick enyindah
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    Hi, i found a simple video on YouTube. THere are some long winded ones but i found the shorter ones better.

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