Suggestions for Management of Damaged and Mal-positioned Egg Air Cells

Discussion in 'Geese' started by pete55, May 9, 2011.

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    Could you post some links to the ones you found most informative?
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    Hi Pete55, When you set your goose eggs in upright. What should your humidity level be in these cases of a free floating tremulous air sac? Is the positioning the only thing that you should do differently?
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    This is good info. I'm new at all this and an such a better visual learner. Do you have any, or know of any videos showing this method? Thanks.
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    Thankyou for this and especially the link to shipped eggs. QUESTION : Some sources say to keep temps 99.5-100 degrees while others say to keep temps 100-101. Is the difference fan air vs still air incubators? And there is an extreme range of humidity listed for the first 18 days "28-50./. " How can that be? I absolutely MUST get at least 1-2 hatches from these expensive/shipped eggs. Please help.
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    Miss Lydia, I did not get your reply.
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    My eggs have ‘wiggly’ air cells however I can see veins will they survive ?

    I understand where I’ve went wrong here
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    Aug 3, 2016
    Hi there, Please help. I am on day 11 now with shipped chicken eggs the air cells were detached and rolling around. I kept them in an upright position and only turned the eggs on day 8. It seems like there is a saddlebag effect. Must i keep them in an upright position or must I move them? How important is it to tilt the eggs from side to side once a day? Or must I just leave them ?

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