Suggestions for winter lighting when you have dogs?


Dec 7, 2015
My 10 hens are 20 weeks old. Based on the research I've done, it looks like lighting is suggested to kickstart my girls' production. I'm fine with that, but the coop is a good 1/4 acre from the nearest electric outlet and my two young labs just LOVE chewing on extension cords. Suggestions on a light & timer setup that doesn't require an electrical outlet? Solar would glow all night, and I think that would be too much, right?


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Jul 16, 2015
Light won't do much for hens until their second laying season, they might start a bit later and won't really get going strong until the daylight starts increasing so I wouldn't bother with lighting for this year at least, and I personally have never used light with mine and the first timers start laying around six months and some of my older laying breeds with start back up after the molt. Breed choices seems to be a bigger factor.

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