Hippie Chicks Mom

9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Near Old Forge NY
I have a RIR/Leghorn cross who went through a molt early spring. She is just getting her blood feathers on her neck but her breast and butt are basically bare. The other girls are REALLY picking on her and she is stressed and has lost weight. Her breast bone has a scab where she roosts due to bareness from feather loss. She is not laying (not a problem for me). I have decided to separate her in a cage next to the coop where they can still all see each other, but they can not attack her. She is eating and drinking well. She free ranges with my supervision for her protection. My question: What can I feed her to increase weight but maintain health? Any suggestions??? She presently on layer feed and some fruit treats.
Anything with a little more protein than layer. Actually a small bag of game bird feed might be good -- she doesn't need the calcium anyway as she is not laying, feathers are mostly protein, and layer is not very high in protein. You could certainly scramble an egg for her every couple of days, and BOSS and a little plain yogurt are good. I buy mine a can of canned mackerel now and then; seems to be about the cheapest meat in the grocery. Meaty table scraps of course would be good; they love to peck a carcass if you roast a chicken, etc.

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