Sulmet may be deleted from TSCs inventory permanently!

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    May 1, 2011
    My hens were sick a couple weeks ago and my lcoal TSC was out of Sulmet (powder). The tag was still out, and the space was empty, so I waited a week and went back. I gave the girls some Corid, but wanted to stock up on Sulmet. Long story short I went in today and was told they may not carry it anymore as it was deleted from the inventory. I was a little shocked and asked them to check the other stores. None! That includes the main warehouse! No more inventory. The guy said they are revamping their inventory beginning of July and it looks like this was being deleted permanently. No more powder, only the $64 cattle pills. Just a heads up. If this is true we all need to talk to local management at our TSC stores and see if they'll reconsider. I know for my area they were the only place that carried powdered Sulmet.
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    You can get it online through different livestock suppliers or try ma-n-pa feed stores. Many of them will be happy to order you some if they don't have it in stock.

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