Sulmtalers in the U.S- where to begin

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    Sep 20, 2016
    Hi there!
    Today we received our pair of 12-week wheaten Sulmtalers and 6 "Gold Duckwing" chicks from greenfire farms! We have an immense interest in finding out everything we can about the progress of Sulmtalers being added into the APA Standard Of Perfection for the states, as they already have an SOP in the UK.

    Does anyone know where would be the best place to start my research on where the standard currently standards in regards to being added into U.S standards?

    Cheers (and of course, this thread is open to all discourse regarding the Sulmtalers standard of perfection!) :)
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    It's all right here, on the APA home page. Within the Constitution and Bylaws are the provision for getting a breed/variety accepted. The bar is set reasonably high. There are already dozens and dozens of neglected breeds, most of which has virtually died out from lack of interest. To add a breed or variety it is necessary to see if deep enough interest is truly present and whether the breed is unique enough to justify yet another breed.
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