9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Upstate of South Carolina
Are Sultans showable, are the a good type of breed,and any owners of sultans if so will you please post some pics....Thank you

Yes, Sultans are showable. They aren't common at shows and fairs, so they're always a sight. I'm hoping this year I run into a few at my upcoming events.

If you keep them in good condition (cleaning up their living space regularly, feeding them a proper, healthy diet, fresh water and constant check-ups for health, etc.) they're a great choice for showing, IMO. Quality is a problem, as I have yet to find a breeder near me. Personality-wise, the breed is VERY docile, quiet, and reserved. They work very well with their owners, even better if they are hand-reared. I find Sultans easier to handle than other crested breeds, though I'm biased because I haven't had the opportunity to work with many.

Only faults I've had are that they don't do well with more aggressive breeds, such as the egger-breeds (generally), and game breeds, or really active types. They also aren't too hardy. My pullet under this post got sick 3 times in her first few months. With a little TLC, she became better. It was only a little cold, but if their being prone to illness is the worst of their qualities, I still find them a great breed.

My pullet, at about 3 months old, if memory serves.


At 4 months of age.


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