sunburn hen from getting ridden bare??


14 Years
Mar 19, 2007
Can a hen get sunburned? I have a young hens that has unfortunately became my BR roo favorite girl and has his way with her several time a day. The poor girl has been ridden bare, so I took her out of the main coop and put her in her own pen along with her best friend who always hang out together.
They have been in there for about a week now and I just noticed that the bare back girls white skin is turning red, like a sunburn red. I've checked her out and I don't see any infections, scabs, broken skin or worms or anything noticable wrong. I can pet the red skin and it doesn't seem to hurt her or cause pain.
They have the same amount of sun in the new pen, if anyhting there is even more shade available in the new pen.
I know about hen saddles, just don't have any here available on my little island. Would probally be the gosip of my little town if I started dressing her up and letting her roam the yard in her dress.
Is this a sunburn from the skin being exposed? Will my poor girl ever grow her back feathers back in? Will she ever be able to go back in general population after a break and gets her feather back? or will she always be my roos favorite girl even after a couple month missing
Waterproof sunscreen SPF30??? I have lots of that for the kids when we go to the beach.

Yes, they can get sunburned, or so I have read.

First of all, there is a simple way to make a saddle that will probably cost nothing. Read here, and scroll down:

Chickens may not regrow feathers til they molt, which is like every 18 months. I have one I have sprayed with Blue Kote or put a saddle on for about 6 months; she has no injury to her skin, but still has the same feathers missing.

Never tried sunscreen. I just use Blue Kote because they leave the area alone.
I'd try the saddle..
I don't know about using sunscreen..

hopefully, the roo will move onto another love..

you might have to consider keeping him in a pen sometimes..
very stressful to a hen when she's harassed too much.

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