Sunshine the Escape Artist


12 Years
Jan 2, 2008
western mass
Okay, I take back everything I ever said about idyllic refusal to clip wings! You can all make fun of me now.

Just clipped one of the Buff Orps - Sunshine - and clipped her good - after she flew off our property, out of both the run (six feet high) and the back yard (another six foot fence), THREE times today.

First time, neighbor across the street saw her, came and put her back in the run while I was at work. Second time the same neighbor - don't worry; they're our friends - came and knocked on the door, with her baby in the sling, to tell me Sunshine was out front again and to tell me that she'd put her away earlier. Third time, my youngest and I came home from piano, went to lock em all up for the night and noticed one of the Orps missing. (This is the advantage of a mixed flock, I guess; you can just sort of see who you are missing.)

Found her in another neighbor's yard, desperate to get back to her girlfriends, trying to squeeze through the chicken wire at the bottom of the fence.

Clipped her not two minutes later, and sent her in to warn the others what we do to persistent little escape artists.

She's safe, and now we can sit down for dinner. Quite enough excitement!
She must really think the grass is greener on the other side.
Oy, that naughty girl. My fat orpies can't get over a 4 foot fence. Fatten her up and weigh her down. LOL

I have 11 pullets that feel the need to jump on the 5' fence and pick whatever off of the 20 foot hedges...1 went over the fence and onto neighbor's land and quickly back home again...that happened twice and he called the city to complain..Imagine bad scary wild pullet..
We have had to clip our girls when they were younger, for their own safety! We have 8 dogs, who are separated from the chickens by a chain link fence, but when they babies go near the fence, it will be off with their head time.

It won't hurt 'em, and your poor neighbors will catch a break!

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